Technical Reference – July 17th

Download IFEC2019-Technical Reference_Jul17

June 17th-

  • Section 14 – Indicator lights are not required when the E-Stop is ON (open).

June 12th – The following changes were made to the Technical reference guide.

  • Section 9.a – Switched throttle connector gender to avoid accidental damage due to misconnection (poka-yoke)
  • Section 14 – Clarified E-Stop Off (closed) vs On (open) description. Eliminated mode c
  • Section 15 – Fuse model specified
  • Section 17 – Temperature protection will not be evaluated
  • Section 23.d – Free Acceleration test is now pass/fail and must achieve 2400rpm in 2 seconds
  • Section 23.e – A 2 min rest period is permitted between each throttle command set (1.5V, 2V, 3V, 4V)