Funtion test

Efficiency map
Q:When we test efficiency map this test , the torque value is a constant? if not, can you give us torque value at twelve spots?

The spots are decided by the voltage set point inputs that are coming from the throttle command. The throttle command must produced a rms phase current within the specified error limits.

Section 13

Throttle Command Phase Current Error Limits
1V 0 Arms 0.1 Arms
2V 5 Arms 0.5 Arms
3V 10 Arms 1 Arms
4V 15 Arms 1.5 Arms
4.5V Unspecified[1] N/A

[1] 4.5V Wide Open Throttle (WOT) command is only current limited by the hardware fuse in series with the motor terminals, and the battery. Teams may pick the actual operating condition for full throttle and implement a current limit and/or speed limit as they wish to ensure safe operation of the drive and bicycle.

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