Funtion test

Free Acceleration
1.Simulates a broken chain event(OSP); 2.Open circuit electrical load (48V CV dynamometer load will limit speed
to 3000rpm).
Q:how do we simulate this test ? in different torque or something? Q:Can you offer us more detail in this test ?

This will be a full throttle setting (4.5V), with no mechanical load applied at the motor shaft, because the dynamometer electrical load is open circuit. Motor would quickly accelerate to max speed of 2400 rpm. If it exceeds 2500 rpm, it must put out a fault signal flag. The dynamometer will not allow the speed to get above 3000 rpm.

3.Time to reach 2400 rpm
Q:How many throttle command we need?

The throttle command is 4.5V step, and the time to reach 2400rpm is measured. If it is less than 2 seconds, the controller passes the test. If it is more than 2 seconds, the test fails.

4.Enter fault mode if speed exceeds 2500 rpm
Q:What is fault mode ?

Fault mode is indicated by a solid red LED, and the motor should not be actively driven by the converter during fault mode.

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