Mechanical and mounting details

We don’t realize what does it(the describe below) mean. could you offer a chart are more detail ,thanks.
d. Mounting face with a nominally flat surface about 15 cm x 4 cm

This means that your product package should have have at least one flat face that has a flat surface that is at least 15cm x 4 cm the help us to mount with brackets that we will have on the bicycle.

e. 4 mounting holes on a (170 mm x 35 mm) rectangle center-center

On the flat surface you should provide four mounting holes that form a rectangle that has the dimensions 170 mm x 35 mm, when you measure between the centers of the holes.

f. Accept M3 10 mm machine screw

All the holes should be internally threaded to accept M3 metric screws, that should 10 mm long.

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