Final Competition Rule Update (April 1st)

IFEC2019-Technical Reference_Apr1_

April 1st Change Log:

  • Removed 5V current spec for Hall sensors
  • Removed 5V current spec for throttle control & display
  • Updated Throttle Command table to scale from 0 to 15Arms
  • Reverted motor external fuse back to 20A (added slow blow description)
  • Removed 15Arms peak battery current limit (no battery ripple current spec)
  • Updated Drive Cycle Test – new name “Efficiency Map” duration to 24 seconds (Hold each point for 2 seconds, no repeated points)
  • Updated Full Load Test – new name “Simulated Hill Climb” and only hold for 30 sec
  • Evaluation criteria will be released by Apr. 15th


Previous – March 27th Change Log:

    • Motor phase current increased to 30Arms
    • All cables can be unshielded
    • Throttle Command table updated (Voltage vs RMS Phase Current) and includes error limits. Added Wide Open Throttle (WOT) command for 4.5V.
    • Motor external fuse increased to 50A
    • Maximum continuous battery current of 12A and 15A peak current (definitions include filter settings)
    • Added brake disable input
    • Dynamometer speed controlled with Constant Voltage (CV) load
    • Basic Operation Test added for the Brake State
    • Drive Cycle Test updated
    • Full Load Test Updated
    • Field Test on actual bicycle is defined

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