Final Competition Rules


IFEC2019 Teams,

The technical reference document has been updated, see the change log below.

We are working on the progress report grading. Results will be released soon. Thank you for your patience.

Change Log:

  • Motor phase current increased to 30Arms
  • All cables can be unshielded
  • Throttle Command table updated (Voltage vs RMS Phase Current) and includes error limits. Added Wide Open Throttle (WOT) command for 4.5V.
  • Motor external fuse increased to 50A
  • Maximum continuous battery current of 12A and 15A peak current (definitions include filter settings)
  • Added brake disable input
  • Dynamometer speed controlled with Constant Voltage (CV) load
  • Basic Operation Test added for the Brake State
  • Drive Cycle Test updated
  • Full Load Test Updated
  • Field Test on actual bicycle is defined

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