Contradicting requirements

In the most recent technical reference document it was stated that:

– motor current should not exceed 5Arms (5b)
– motor mechanical speed should be limited to 3000rpm (18)
– at this speed the electromotive force is 24.67V (12c)

The maximum available power considering the abovementioned can be estimated as 3*5*24.67 = 370W (in case of sinusiodal supply). Being more precise and taking into account the trapezoidal waveform of the emf, the rms of the fundemental should actually be around 1.34 times less, resulting in 276W. This seems to be significantly less then the required continuous power of 500W (2).

In a previous question you stated that the motor will not be forced to go beyond the specified 3000rpm. Does this mean the current limitation no longer applies?

These items have been clarified in the new technical reference document under the test conditions for the competition. Particularly, the loading requirements are now specified to be constant current loads from the rectified output of an identical generator that is coupled to the motor, and we will not be testing at continuous 500W operation.

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