Can You provide the mechanical requirements more precise?

Dear IFEC-Team, can you provide detailed requirements concerning the waterproofness and its testing?

This will not be tested during the competition. The teams need to certify that the box and the connectors are waterproof. If the test date is rainy, we will only do indoor tests.

Are target size/weight equivalent to max. size/weight?

They are only targets.

Can you provide a sketch with the flat mounting surface and the holes on it?

    1. 4 mounting holes on a (170 mm x 35 mm) rectangle center-center on a surface with similar dimensions
    2. Accept M3 10 mm machine screw

We will be making a bracket adaptor from the rectangular surface to attach to the standard water-bottle mounting holes on a bicycle frame, which are 64mm apart, threaded to receive M5x0,8 bolt. Teams are welcome to bypass the adapter plate and make a direct mount to the water-bottle mounting holes.

Is there any requirement concerning the height to lenght to thickness ratio?

We want the box to have a ‘reasonable’ aspect ratio — somewhat long <~20cm, not too wide <~4 cm, not to thick <~3 cm.

Where exactly on the bike is the mounting surface located?

It would be on the top-side of the down-tube or the front-side of the seat-tube depending on the style of the bike. The box should not interfere with the pedals.

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