Question regarding the throttle input signal

On page 3 of the Technical Reference Manual under “Signal Connector to control”, “Throttle Signal” can be Speed, Torque, Motor Current or Power Regulated. But on Page 4, Point 13 “Throttle Control details” it is given that 1A to 10A DC must be linearly interpolated.
These two statements can be contradictory. For example if I was to implement speed control (as mentioned in page 3) then the throttle signal will be used for getting an input of speed not current so how would the point/statement on Page 4 be interpreted.

Teams may choose to implement a torque controller, or speed controller, current controller, or power controller, and/or switch modes between them at various speeds when the drive is on the bicycle as they like to. However, for the hardware test protocol for the competition, the Throttle signal will be tested agains dc current measurement so that all the teams will have a uniform test condition. The teams can have a mode switch as a jumper on the hardware if they wish to do so.

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