Purchase eBike Motor & Battery Kit

The eBike motor and battery kits are in stock! We recommend you purchase now if possible, because these items occasionally sell-out.

Cyclone Mid Drive 3000 watt Planetary Ebike KIT

  • $349.95
  • Standard Square Tapered BB 68-83mm
  • 44/44T(stock) chain ring
  • 40Amp stock controller
  • Right Half Twist Throttle
  • Standard crank arms

SLA 48v 9ah Battery

  • $306
  • Canvas Bag w/ Velcro Straps
  • Anderson Powerpole +$6.00 discharge connectors
  • Included Charger

Note: A bare eBike cyclone motor will hopefully be on sale soon at lunacycles.com, but this item is currently out of stock.

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