60 V Line Voltage?

In the most recent release of the Technical Reference Document, it lists the motor model as being Luna Cycle’s CYCLONE MID DRIVE EBIKE MOTOR WITH FREEWHEEL SPROCKET. This motor has a large power rating of 1700-3000 W and voltage of 36-72 V. The technical reference also lists the nominal motor voltage line to line as being 60 Vrms. I am wondering if the 60 V will ever be needed since we are restricting the power capability of our converter to 500 W and a speed limit of “x rpm TBD”. Essentially what I am asking whether or not our converter will need to incorporate a boost stage? If the motor’s back emf is less than 48 V line to line at “x rpm TBD” then a boost converter may not be needed.

The choice of using a boost stage or not is up to the teams. Notice that the motor used in the competition is the standard 171.5mm long version and not the 205mm long version. Notice that the terminal voltage of the m motor may be bigger the back-wmf because of motor impedance.

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